Original abstract psychedelic painting on canvas.
Size: 100×100 cm, 39.37×39.37 inches,
Painting technique: Acrylic color on canvas
Year: 2022


Abstract psychedelic expressionism

STARBORN is a work full of dynamic energy that bursts from every detail. This power transforms the oil painting into a living image that pulses and teems with life. The penetrating, vibrant colors are reminiscent of the lights of a star at birth, cutting through the dark universe and giving this painting a unique look and character.

An explosion of colour is the first impression of this work. Layers of colour, sometimes thick, sometimes subtle, create an intricate texture that draws the eye and holds it like a magnet.

A thick layer of oil paint makes a beautiful texture.

This work is not only the result of work on canvas, but is exhibited in the prestigious gallery of the academic painter Andrej Smolák in Snina (Slovakia). This fact testifies to the quality and value of the painting, which you can now bring directly to your home.

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